Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Morning by Morning, August 8 - "I Will Look and See the Salvation of My King"
Good morning, Lord Jesus. Come into my heart, come lift up my spirit, come shape my thoughts, come guide my steps in the way that leads to life in You today.  ...
"You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you, O Judah and Jerusalem! Do not fear or be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them, for the Lord is with you!" (2 Chronicles 20:17).
My heart is stirred with the words of a song of trust and praise You're writing on my heart this morning.  ...
I will look and see
The salvation of my King
There's nothing I can do
There's nothing I can be
It doesn't rest on me
I don't have the strength
But trusting in Your power
Trusting in Your Word
Trusting in the One
Who's with me in this hour
I will have no fear
I will not retreat
I will look and see
The salvation of my King
Yes, Lord. By power of Your grace, I will look and see the salvation of my King. My position in the battles I face is not to get stronger or get smarter. It's not to be Father of the Year, Husband of the Month, Boss for the Day, or Winner of the Lottery. There's nothing I can do to win the battles I face every day of my life but turn it all over to You. You are Lord. And I am not. You're my Savior and my King; and You alone sit on the throne of my life and my world.
So I will position myself for the battle -- here in my heart, here on my knees, here in worship and remembrance and gratitude for who You are and all You've done. As best as I can and all by Your grace, I will trust in You as I entrust it all to You. Apart from You, I can do nothing (John 15:5). And the Good News is that I'm never apart from You, that You are with me always, that You've already gone before me to fight and win my battles in the ways that have already won the victory for me in all the ways that really matter (John 15:7). So as for me, I will look and see the salvation of my King. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Be encouraged today! In the Love of Jesus, Tommy Hays

I pray you are filled with hope and faith and peace, as you position yourself in your heart and on your knees to look and see the salvation of our King in every battle you face, in Jesus' name! Please pray the same for me. God bless you, my friend!

Friends, some days just seem a little bit overwhelming with all the pressures and responsibilities around us. I woke up kind of feeling that way today. I'm thankful the Holy Spirit lifted my heart and my eyes to look and see the salvation of my King and embrace the love and presence of my Father today. I feel much better now as I send out my morning prayer than when I began. I praise God for the way He's ready to do that every time we turn to Him in trusting surrender. Thank you for joining with me in this daily journey of prayer, this daily journey of life. I pray you are strengthened and encouraged by the Spirit of the Lord in your life today and every day. God bless you! --Tommy

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