Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Morning by Morning, September 25 - A Voice for All Victims -- Whether Wrongfully Abused or Wrongfully Accused
Good morning, Lord Jesus. Be at the center of my heart and every moment of my day, as I live and move and have my being in You -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  ...
"Joseph's master took him and put him into the prison, the place where the king's prisoners were confined; he remained there in prison. But the Lord was with Joseph and showed him steadfast love; he gave him favor in the sight of the chief jailer. The chief jailer commit to Joseph's care all the prisoners who were in prison, and whatever was done there, he was the one who did it. The chief jailer paid no heed to anything that was in Joseph's care, because the Lord was with him; and whatever he did, the Lord made it prosper" (Genesis 39:20-23).
Joseph was wrongfully accused of sexual assault. His integrity and honor were questioned. His good name was slandered. And the one who claimed to be the victim and survivor was lying to cover up her deeper motives and advance her own agenda (v. 6-18). But he was judged and condemned by the mere accusation alone, with his life forever changed (v. 19).
You're a God who hates violence and abuse of any kind. You heal the brokenhearted and save the crushed in spirit (Psalm 34:18). You're an Advocate who speaks up for us and an Activist who does something about the injustice You see, as You seek to set things right in the righteousness of Your will and Your ways (Palm 17). And at the same time, You're a God who hates lies and deceit, cover-ups and smears. "These are the things that you should do:  Speak the truth to one another, render in your gates judgments that are true and make for peace, do not devise evil in your hearts against one another, and love no false oath; for all these are things that I hate, says the Lord" (Zechariah 8:16-17).
But even in the prison of all Joseph was made to endure, You were with him (Genesis 39:23). Even through the injustice and slander, You "showed him steadfast love (and) gave him favor" (v. 21). Even when his world was falling apart from the perspective of this world, You stood by him and even prospered him (v. 23). You weren't wasting a moment of his sufferings to prepare him to yet accomplish through him exceedingly, abundantly far more than he could ever ask or imagine (Genesis 41:57). You turned around all that was intended for evil in his life and used it all for great good in his life and all the lives You would touch through him for many generations to come (v. 50:20).
Lord, give voice to the victims -- whether wrongfully abused or wrongfully accused. And bring all things out of darkness and into Your light. When it's in the light, it's a fair fight. Then You can set things right, for "righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; steadfast love and faithfulness go before You" (Psalm 89:14). And no matter what comes or how long it takes, You will always bring good out of it -- no matter the source or the motive of it -- for those who love You and are called according to Your purpose (Romans 8:28). In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Be encouraged today! In the Love of Jesus, Tommy Hays

My friend, I join with you in prayer for the voice of every victim to be heard, whether wrongfully abused or wrongfully accused, and that the Lord our God would set things right and work it all together for good, in Jesus' name! God bless you, my friend!

Tommy Hays | Messiah Ministries
Healing from the Inside Out
Pastoral Director | Rapha God Ministries
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