Friday, March 11, 2005

Holy Fire 3-11-05

Good morning, Lord Jesus. Let the world fade away for these moments, as only You come into view. ... You are a holy God and You are kindling a holy fire in our souls. You are burning away the chaff and refining away the dross of everything in us that is not yet like You. To persevere in the days that are coming, we must become more pure in the surrender of Your Spirit and less defiled in selfishness of our flesh. Give us courage to embrace this process of purification, to embrace Your holy fire, "for indeed our God is a consuming fire" (Hebrews 12.28-29). "Now if anyone builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw -- the work of each builder will become visible, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed with fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each has done. If what has been built on the foundation survives, the builder will receive a reward. If the work is burned up, the builder will suffer loss; the builder will be saved, but only as through fire. Do you no know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy that person. For God's temple is holy, and you are that temple" (1 Corinthians 3.12-17). Let us not be deceived, our work will be tested. Who we are in this world, and what we have done with our lives matters, for You desire to live in us and through us each day to touch the lives of those around us. What we have done for ourselves rather than for You is wood, hay, and straw -- to be consumed in Your fire on the Day of the Lord. But as we allow You to purify the temple of our souls, that our holy God may come and dwell in Your holy temples, You will live Your life through us. Then all that we do will be what You do through us and we will see the gold, silver, and precious stones of everlasting value. Give us courage now to embrace the flame of Your consuming fire, so that who we are and what we do will remain on that Day and throughout eternity. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen. Be encouraged this day! In the Love of Jesus, Tommy Hays To subscribe/unsubscribe/reply please send a note to me at Messiah Ministries -- "preparing the way of the Lord" -- Our mailing address: 2800 Tates Creek Rd; Lexington, KY 40502. God bless you!