Wednesday, March 24, 2010

“Out of Darkness and Gloom” 3-24-10

Good morning, Lord Jesus. Be with me at the center of my life, the foundation of my faith, and the beginning of my day. … “He brought them out of darkness and gloom, and broke their bonds asunder. Let them thank the Lord for His steadfast love, for His wonderful works to humankind. For He shatters the doors of bronze, and cuts in two the bars of iron” (Psalm 107:14-16). For several days now, I’ve seen You move suddenly to break through barriers and break off bondage that have held Your children bound in darkness and gloom. A young woman flooded with the joy of a happy heart she’s not known in years. A young couple brought out from under a heavy cloud of discouragement, disappointment, and doubt. A woman with pain buried deep down in her heart from the torment and terror of her past and struggling with pain in her body from the trauma of a time years ago suddenly set free from pain inside and outside. You are on the move! The light of Your glory is burning away the darkness and gloom! The “sun of righteousness” is rising over us “with healing in its wings;” and we are going about laughing and leaping and praising our God, “leaping like calves from the stall” (Malachi 4:2). At the same time, not every prayer is being answered with healing, freedom, and sudden breakthrough. We are all forever in need of Your grace and we have not yet seen the day that Your Kingdom has fully come in complete manifestation here on earth as it is in heaven. So in obedience to Your Word, revealing Your will, we keep praying and expecting, agreeing with Your will revealed in Your Word (Matthew 6:10). But we are praising You and thanking You for what we do see and for what we are choosing to believe by faith that we will see (2 Corinthians 5:7). And between this day and that day, we are standing with one another in prayer, fighting for one another in the Spirit, and expecting great things from our great God. This is one of the ways You call us to “love one another” (John 15:12). In some areas of our lives there are still dry days of desert and weary seasons of wilderness, but even there we’re praying in faith believing for the days of breakthrough to come. “For waters shall break forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert…. And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with singing; everlasting joy shall be upon their heads; they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away!” (Isaiah 35:6-10). The disappointments from the days of darkness and gloom will be overcome by “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Corinthians 4:6). We thank You and praise You now for the breakthroughs we’ve seen and the breakthroughs we’ll see! Let the light of Your glory, the light of a new day of healing and freedom, break into our hearts and shine forth from our faces. In the joy that can only come from the Lord, You are smiling on us and we are smiling back at You. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. Be encouraged today! In the Love of Jesus, Tommy Hays My friends, I agree with God and His Word for the breakthroughs of healing and freedom in every area of your life in the name of Jesus. According to His will revealed in His Word, He is the God "who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good as long as you live so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's" (Psalm 103:3-5). I agree with you in prayer for this, my friend, in the name of Jesus. May you see breakthroughs in your life today and in the days to come. Friends, please let us know if you would be interested in ordering the dvd of our Celebration Evening with exciting pictures and stories of God's glory from ministry in Pakistan, Israel, and the Philippines: We'll also make this available soon with our ministry resources on the resources page of our Messiah Ministries web site: I praise God for our dedicated team and army of volunteers and intercessors who made this Celebration possible! Many joined in commitments to join with us in monthly support in prayer and financial support as Isaiah 35 Covenant Partners of Messiah Ministries. Please prayerfully consider joining us as well in any way you can to help make this ministry possible at home and to the nations. I'll be glad to talk with you about the vision and calling of Messiah Ministries. Please send me a note if you or someone you know amy be interested at God bless you! -- Tommy Hays, Messiah Ministries; 2800 Tates Creek Rd.; Lexington, Kentucky 40502 Subscribe by email to Tommy Hays at Messiah Ministries: -- "Preparing the Way of the Lord ... Ministering the Healing Love of God" 2800 Tates Creek Rd; Lexington, KY 40502